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The Unexpected Results of Mr. B's Neccesities : Energy Boost

I normally reserve my energy solutions in a coffee or AC/DC capacity. But... I received this roll-on aromatherapy in one of my subscription boxes (Bespoke Post). I initially scoffed at the bottle. I am typically not a believer in things that have a high potential for pseudoscience. It does fit the stereotype at first glance. One of the main ingredients is-you guessed it... almond oil. Without any previous experience in this department, I was not convinced that almond oil is waking me up. Maybe it's the Niaouli, Elemi and Ginger Essential Oils? After doing some google research, I discovered the founders (Shem + Lara Gott- Oceanside,CA), are ironically,  opposed to ingredients that are hard to pronounciate. Aside from being mildly insulted, I had a tiny bit of optimism that maybe one day I would be exhausted and this would save the day. I left it on my desk at work. At the very least, I had a back-up plan. Sure enough, a couple weeks later, my lack of sleep had been ac