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A DUI Story With A Happy Ending

You know the feeling you get, when the universe is trying to send you a sign? We often ignore it, but occasionally we take our own good advice based on the context clues of our surroundings. It's in these critical moments that our past experiences culminate and hopefully equate to smart decisions.            These days, it is rare amongst my peers to not have an DUI. Driving under the influence is so prevalent in our culture and that... is part of the problem. Alcohol is so glamorized, that it's easy to think that everyone drinks and drives. The truth is, driving under the influence can be fun, convenient and in the short term, cheaper. I said it. But what is not fun, convenient, or cheap, are the consequences that come with it. I am not referring to the DUI itself, although $10,000 and two years of your life isn't just a slap on your wrist. However, none of this can compare to the consequences involved with ruining the lives of other people.        There are two