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When The Streets Are Your Home, You Are Never Alone.

Image by Chris Hensley "It's only after we've lost everything that we're free to do anything"                                    -  Chuck Palahniuk             Sometimes when I am driving in my truck, walking on the street, chatting with friends, I speculate on what I would do if I was a "less fortunate person." This term is one that we have adopted to politely mean "homeless." I wonder if this has provided me with the drive to ensure that I do not end up on the streets. Perhaps my fascination with this subject might lead me to actually living on the streets. This is typically when I stop imagining myself living outdoors. For the sake of simplicity I will refer to a less fortunate person as "LFP" throughout this work.              If it weren't for my family and friends, I'm sure I would have already experienced this at least once. I have been humbled on too many occasions to count in this life, but was short of