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The Unexpected Results of Mr. B's Neccesities : Energy Boost

I normally reserve my energy solutions in a coffee or AC/DC capacity.
But... I received this roll-on aromatherapy in one of my subscription boxes (Bespoke Post).

I initially scoffed at the bottle. I am typically not a believer in things that have a high potential for pseudoscience. It does fit the stereotype at first glance. One of the main ingredients is-you guessed it... almond oil. Without any previous experience in this department, I was not convinced that almond oil is waking me up. Maybe it's the Niaouli, Elemi and Ginger Essential Oils?

After doing some google research, I discovered the founders (Shem + Lara Gott- Oceanside,CA), are ironically,  opposed to ingredients that are hard to pronounciate. Aside from being mildly insulted, I had a tiny bit of optimism that maybe one day I would be exhausted and this would save the day.

I left it on my desk at work. At the very least, I had a back-up plan. Sure enough, a couple weeks later, my lack of sleep had been accumulating over the past several days. It was one of those mornings where two cups of coffee just didn't do the trick. I leaned back in my chair, looked at my phone, feeling completely uninspired. I looked at the Mr. B's Energy Boost and rhetorically asked my empty office "Why not?"

As it suggests, I applied the liquid to my neck and temples. I soon forgot about it. It does have a nice almond smell, one that you can really get used to.

I checked my social media on my phone, communicated with a customer, and by the end of that discussion, I realized I was in a good mood. It's not like I felt speedy, I just felt re-energized. Like I had more in the tank.

That was two weeks ago. Now, as I blog at the end of a ten hour shift, I have once again applied Mr. B's Energy Boost, I can confirm that there is more to this application than just a silly placebo effect. Subtle and effective. No high, so no crash.

I have barely made a dent in the contents of this 0.5oz container and have already applied it ten times. At less than twelve US Dollars I agree that the value of this product overwhelmingly exceeds the cost.

I am encouraged to take the drive up the coast for an hour, and visit their brick and mortar and check out some of their other products.

If you are looking for an energetic rainy day solution, feel free to check it out:

 Mr B's Neccesities- Energy Boost

-submitted by Chris Hensley