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Staying Classy in San Diego

            On the first night that I met her, I explained to her that I had a vision.

This was not something I had been thinking about for a long time, the idea hit me out of nowhere. My mind was all over the place that night, but there was one thing I was certain of. I wanted to rent a projector and watch Anchorman on Shelter Island in the foreground of the beautiful skyline of San Diego. If you have ever seen the movie then you know why.

            I rambled on about this idea for a couple of months and received quotes on the equipment rentals. I reached out to my friends to see if they would be interested, looked up the rules of Shelter Island and honestly- I could have made this happen. I don't know why but I didn't pull the trigger.

       I must admit, nearly two years later and I had already forgotten about this conquest, in my mind it was already conquered. I'm sure there is a neuro-scientific reason for this. I had already proven to myself that I could conquer this and received the dopamine release that I had accomplished this task. I have read that, for this reason, you should never tell someone that you are planning on writing a book.

There is something magical about women. They never forget.

         It started off with the second best meal of my life, downtown at the Cowboy Star. It took everything for me, not to tell them that this was my second favorite meal of all time. To me, it is an honor. I mean it in the highest of compliments (well, almost). I couldn't imagine being this cohesive unit that has perfectly pieced together this amazing food, to have someone remind them that they have had better. It's almost insulting to tell someone that this is your second favorite of something. Instead of ranking these moments, I should probably just shut up and enjoy this meal. And that's what I did.

       After dinner, we took a stroll downtown, and you will not find a more people friendly downtown. We did something that is an after dinner tradition: We found a less fortunate person to give our leftovers too. I thought to myself "This guy just ate the best mac n cheese and steak of his life." What if it was his second best meal too?

Perhaps he thought "This isn't as good as when I wait outside of Mr. A's."

       The Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego, big like its name, towering above the San Diego Convention Center. We had one task: find out where this event is. The problem is, at least for me, it is a surprise and I have no idea where we are going. Trying to navigate but also avoid any promotional hangings would have been impossible but it appears as though their marketing team had no problem selling tickets and no need for advertisement. 

         Its funny what ideas you create in your head when you are only given few details. I was told it would be an outdoor event, and that everyone was going to be looking at something. Also, that I might need sunglasses. I swear to you that I was convinced we were going to watch a matador. Plot twist, there are no matadors in San Diego. 

         As we exited the elevator and entered the rooftop, it hit me immediately. As I thought it, I said "We are going to watch Anchorman."

There is no better feeling than finding out that someone spent time and effort to afford you an experience you have been dreaming of. 

Now, I wonder how I will return the favor. 

How are you going to convey to the ones that you love, that you listen and care? 

- submitted by Chris Hensley

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